Sunday, December 27, 2015

Out with the old; Create the new!

Now that the holidays are essentially over, much to my son's chagrin, one of my favorite things about this time of year is clearing out all of the old stuff to make way for the new.  Things that are no longer used, worn or otherwise of interest that have settled in to clutter.  It's time for them to go!

Every time I do this it, of course, creates more space in my home but, it also seems to create more space within me.  I'm left feeling as if I have more freedom to move.  My breathing feels clearer, my mind less cloudy and inspiration begins to creep in to fill the newly formed void.  It's a wonderful feeling and one that inevitably leads to hours of creativity for me.

Inspired is what I am feeling today.  In fact, the colors and pattern used in this mandala style pendant are among the things that are inspiring me right now:

Most of the cleaning is done and I have started listing all of the things that I hope to create during the first part of 2016.  For starters, I intend to put a serious dent in my bead supply by working up some beautiful pieces of jewelry.  I am also exploring new design options for both my card making kits and customizable product lines and working on learning some new techniques to expand my skill set.

On a less material note, I am also hoping to create more love, peace and joy in my life and in the lives of those I love.  My son's father moved out here from Oregon about a week ago; so, our lives have already begun to change.  Armed with a wee badge of trepidation, I am looking forward to experiencing all of these new creations and excited to see where it all leads.

Click the image below to create your own printable New Year's card:

How about you?  Is there anything that you do to help clear your mind and make way for new ideas?  Do you have any creative plans for 2016?

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