Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Just for fun :).

I love optical illusions.  One of these days I will create my own but, until then, I enjoy those that others have made for me :)!  My favorites are these trippy color and shape combinations that create the illusion of movement.

This one is called "Rotating Snakes."  There are other color combinations that work.  You can mix and match the colors, shapes and patterns from the images below:


Another illusion that I really enjoy is a spinning silhouette.  This is moving image, not a still one like those above, but the challenge lies in being able to envision her turning in both directions.  It's fun to play!

Are you familiar with OpArt, as it's called?  If not, then I highly recommend searching for it.  A search for "optical illusions" will produce some fun results, too :)!  Those with the look of fine art are another favorite of mine.

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