Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Create Your Own Graphics - Butterflies & Flowers Tutorial Part 2

Sorry I'm a little late on this one.  My puter crashed and I had to reset it.  Probably going to have to do a complete restore, actually, but it'll have to wait until the weekend.  Part 3 should be posted by then, though, so no worries there :)!

Butterflies & Flowers Tutorial Part 2

A Paint Shop Pro (PSP) Tutorial by Hafapea

From the blur:
  • Right click on this layer in your layer palette and “Duplicate” it.
  • Click on “Effects” on the menu along the top of your workspace
  • Move your cursor over “Texture Effects,” and then click on “Mosaic-Antique.” 

  • Click on the drop down menu at the top of the window that opens and select“Factory Defaults,” then click “OK.” 
  •  Then, click on “Effects,” “Distortion Effects,” “Ripple” and apply it at the settings shown below: 

  • Repeat. "Merge Visible."
  • Then, click on your “Selection” tool and select “Circle” from the drop down menu at the topof your workspace and set the rest as shown below: 

  • On your image, place your cursor at 100,255 (the coordinates are along the bottom right hand side of your workspace. 
  • While holding down your left mouse button, move your cursor to the right until the left edge of the circle touches the left edge of your image, as shown below:  

Your image should look like what is shown above, as well. If it doesn't, then please let me know if you would like my help. 

Part 3

Happy Creating :)!

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