Friday, February 19, 2016

Create Your Own Graphics - Butterflies & Flowers Tutorial Part 4

Butterflies & Flowers Tutorial Part 4

A Paint Shop Pro (PSP) Tutorial by Hafapea

From the rotation...

  • Next, change the blend mode of the kaleidoscope layer by left clicking on the word “Normal” next to the “Copy of Bouquet” layer on your layer palette and then selecting “Luminance” from the list that appears.
    • If you have a newer version, double-click on the layer in your layer palette to open the blend mode window, then select "Lunicance" from the drop down menu there.

  • Apply the settings shown below:
  • Repeat.
  • “Duplicate” this layer, then click on “Image,” “Resize”
  • Use the settings shown below:  
  •  Activate your “Move Tool” 

  • Move the image (left-click and drag it) to the position shown in the image below:  
  • “Duplicate” this layer, “Resize” it using the same settings as before, and position it as shown: 
  • Right click on “Copy (3) of Bouquet” in your layer palette, move your cursor over “Move”and click on “Merge Down.” Repeat with “Copy (2) of Bouquet.”
  • Copy the flower doodle and paste it onto your working image. Resize it twice using the settings below:
  • Move the doodle into position as shown:

I'm sorry it's taking so long between posts but, work has picked up; so, it can't be helped.  I hope that you're enjoying the tutorial, though, and learning lots :).  As always, if you have any questions, please ask.

Part 5

Happy Creating!

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