Thursday, February 25, 2016

Create Your Own Graphics - Butterflies & Flowers Tutorial Part 5

Butterflies & Flowers Tutorial Part 5

A Paint Shop Pro (PSP) Tutorial by Hafapea

From the Flower Doodle...

  • Press Ctrl+A, Ctrl+F, and right click the “Floating Selection” to “Defloat it” or press Ctrl+Shft+F (or use the “Selections” menu as above) to select the doodle layer. 
  • On your “Materials” palette, set your foreground color to #632a29:

  • and your background color to #1f170f (left click on the large color background square to open this window):

  • Click on the solid circle beneath your foreground box in the “Materials” paletteand select the “Gradient” circle from the drop down list:
  • Next, left click on the gradient in your foreground box.
  • Then, left click on the arrow next to the gradient in the window that opens and select “foreground" from the menu that appears (the full name of the gradient is “foreground-background,” but in newer versions it is "a-foreground").

  • Next, click on the box for “Linear” and set the “Angle” to 45 and “Repeats” to 7, as shown: 
  • Click on your paint can
  • Click inside of the selected doodle in your working image to “Flood Fill” it with the gradient. 
    • Deselect the doodle (Ctrl+D). 
  • Right click on any layer in your layer palette
  • Move your cursor over “Merge”
  • Click on “Merge All (Flatten)”
    • In newer versions, right click on any layer to access the "Merge" menu
  • Resize the image by 80% as shown (please note that “Resize All Layers” is ticked):

  • Click on “Adjust,” move your cursor over “Sharpness” and click on “Sharpen.”
  • Next, click on “Image,” “Add Borders.” 

  • Left click inside of the large color box in the window that opens and select the brightest shade of yellow (or any other color that you know for sure isn’t in your image).
  • Tick the “Symmetrical” box and enter the number “3” in any of the four areas. 

  • Select your “Magic Wand” tool from the “Selection” tool drop down menu: 

  • Then change your settings to match those below:
  • Next, left click inside of the yellow border that you added to your working image:

Your image should now look like that above.  Part 6

Happy creating,

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