Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Create Your Own Graphics - Butterflies & Flowers Tutorial Part 6

Hi folks,
I am so sorry for making you wait so long for this but, well, lifus interuptus and all that.  The good news is, this is the final part and it is short! hahahah  Enjoy :)!

Butterflies & Flowers Tutorial Part 6

A Paint Shop Pro (PSP) Tutorial by Hafapea

From the selected border...

  • Select your paint can
  • Change your foreground back to the solid circle on the drop down menu and change the color to #d3c4c2
  • "Flood Fill” the border with that color. 
  • Deselect (Crl+D). 
  • Click on “Image,” “Add Borders” and add a symmetrical 10 pixel border.  
  • Use your “Magic Wand” to select your new border
  • Click on “Effects,” “Reflection Effects,” “Kaleidoscope” and apply the settings shown below: 

  • Deselect (Ctrl+D)
  • "Add Border” of 3 pixels, but this time click on the first 3pixel border that you flood filled to change the color in the “Add Border” window, as shown below.:

Congratulations, you’re finished! Your final image should look like this:

I hope your final image came out right.  If it didn't, as usual, please feel free to ask for more help :).

Happy creating,

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