Saturday, September 30, 2017

Free Journaling Cards

Yay, I did it!  I managed to complete three stationery sets in the past few days: Rococo Roses, Beautiful Booty and Watercolor Phoenix.  Given the fact that I also had to design the templates, this is quite a feat! hahahahahahaha  Making pretty pictures comes much more easily to me than designing things with exact specifications.  It was all worth it, in the end, though.

Rococo Roses Romantic Floral Stationery Set Decoupage Kit Beautiful Booty Vintage Art Stationery Set Decoupage Kit
Watercolor Phoenix Asian Floral Stationery Set Decoupage Kit

Each kit includes a bookmark, an A6 gift box, 2 paper sizes: A5 & A6 with envelopes, 3 gift tag styles and decoupage bits for decorating the box.  Click on the pictures, above, to see them for yourself!

While I was creating the stationery sets, I went ahead and whipped up some A6 (roughly 3"x4") journaling cards, too, and then selected one card from each set for today's gift:

I hope you like them!  The watercolor phoenix card is exclusively for you but, the others are included in the sets that I added to my shop.  Each of those sets include 10 high quality 300dpi jpg images of 2 mirrored cards in 5 colors.  Click the links below to see them:

I am really loving the way they turned out and can't wait to make more.  I am going to have to wait, though, because first I want to work on a few more cracker boxes and greeting card sets.  First on the list is a bumper kit of the vintage Christmas set I made last week and then I want to create some crackers to go with the gorgeous card kits that I made last month: Winter Holiday Rabbits, Bears, Foxes and Penguins featuring the fabulous watercolor artwork of Kristy Kvilis, owner of the Peace Art Shop at Creative Market.

Winter Holiday Rabbits Card Making Kit Winter Holiday Bear Card Making Kit
Winter Holiday Foxes Card Making Kit Winter Holiday Penguins Card Making Kit

So, keep your eyes peeled for a new freebie, next Tuesday, and some terrific money saving bumper kits to help you get your holiday creations under way!

Speaking of saving money, I have some holiday & cameo card kits on special this week, along with a handful of floral bumper kits, if you'd like to snatch them up.  The sale ends tomorrow and, then, this coming Sunday I am going to launch the sale of some beautiful deer and snowman shaped card kits for 30% off.  I will post news of the sale, here; so, be sure to come back and check it out!

As always, I would love to hear from you and see the wonderful things that you are creating, even if you don't use my designs.  I just like to look at pretty things :).
See you in a couple of days,

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