Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Free Art Deco Moroccan Papers

Hi folks,

This week's update was huge and by "huge," I mean massive! hahahahahaha  Not only did I create three more red & black Art Deco card making kits, I also got the promised bumper kit of cards added plus a cracker box bumper kit.  In addition to that, I uploaded individual quick cards for each of the 9 red & black Art Deco card making kits, a new set of 3 bookmarks and a complete set of 9, an A4 letter writing paper set, nine A6 stationery kits with gift boxes, 3 new regular stationery sets, a new Art Deco Moroccan Paper pack, 3 quick card & cracker box sets, 9 individual cracker box sheets. a new set of 3 cracker boxes and a set of nine A7 journaling card inserts.  Whew!  This officially wraps up my Red & Black Art Deco Collection :). 

These are the new card making kits.  Click on the images to see them in my shop:
I still want to make a couple of more paper packs but, after that, I'm not sure, yet, what I'm going to create next.  I do know that it will definitely not be red and black, though! hahahahahaha  I might go back to romantic, shabby chic, Victorian type stuff or I might not :).  After all that work, I'm too tired to think about it, right now. hahahahahahah

Speaking of papers, your free gift for this week is a set of papers from the Art Deco Moroccan Paper Pack.  I will be using the same palette that I used for the full set when I create the others.  It is an Art Deco color palette that includes the three Christmas colors, below, that were pulled from period greeting cards.

Enjoy!  And, remember, if you use it in one of your creations, I would love to see what you make :).

Happy Crafting,

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Free Art Deco Papers

Hi folks,
As you can see, Friday's update is a bit late, this week :).  My graphics program upgrade didn't work out too well; so, I've gone back to "old faithful."  By the time I gave up on trying to get it to function, I had to work my creative fingers off to get everything done.  Yes, I'm more than a little stubborn but, done I did! hahahahahaah

I added another collection three Red & Black Art Deco products to my shop: card making kits, stationery sets, bookmarks and cracker boxes, with an Art Deco Fan Paper Pack made using a palette of period colors.  The deer and gentleman carolers images are recreations that I made myself and the dogs is just an edited picture with a few parts replaced with updated details.  I included a thumbnail of the originals in the preview images so that you can see the changes for your self.  The previews below are linked to their product pages:

I think I'm going to create one more collection like this (unless I find that I've burned out hahahahahaha), with another paper pack or two, and then work on putting together some bumper kits for you.  In the meantime, I created three Art Deco backgrounds for you to play with.  As usual, they are all high quality 300dpi 12x12 jpg images.  Enjoy :).

Whether I create another collection or not, there will definitely be a set of A4 stationery papers and A7 journaling card inserts added to my shop on Tuesday.  How many sheets will be in it: 6 or 9, is all that has yet to be determined. hahahahaha  The bumper kits and cracker boxes with quick card sets will also be available; so, keep your eyes peeled for more of the goodies you love :)!

See you then,

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hi folks,
12 of my Christmas Card Making Kits are on special this week. Snowmen, deer and stocking silhouettes filled with winter scenes and fun patterns that can be made into either shaped or standard greeting cards. All of the designs can be used for any winter holiday, such as Christmas or Yule; so, come on by and have a gander! Tis the season to get crafting :)!
Now I'm of to start making Friday's kits!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Free Journaling Card Inserts

Hi folks,

Today's update is more about a shape than a theme, although, I did give red & black Art Deco Christmas a good run! hahahahahhaha  That shape is this qua-trefoil card that I found back when I hypnotized by Hindu wedding invitations during one of my many image search detours:

Isn't it gorgeous?

I love everything about this card: the shape, the colors, the patterns.  Well, everything except for the size of the image, that is.  This is a really small image; so, I had to start by creating a template.  Have I mentioned what my least favorite part of card designing is? hahahahahahah

It was well worth the effort and frustration, though, because it freed me up to create my little gypsy heart out.  I made 6 new cards in 3 days!  That never happens. The images, below, are linked, if you would like to snag yourself a kit. 
I had fun.  Can you tell :)?

Today's freebie is a set of journal cards from the colorful sets.  I haven't finished with the Red & Black Art Decos, yet; so, that freebie will have to wait until Friday.  By the time I'm done there will be a great Art Deco paper pack for you and maybe a bookmark or two.  We'll see.

In the meantime, you can get a taste of what's in store by checking out the stationary sets that I made to go with the card making kits.  I had a lot of fun with those too :)!

Happy Crafting,

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Create a Screen Divider Card

Hi guys,

This week's tutorial will teach you how to make a Screen Divider Card.  The card has four panels, but the technique can be applied to three panel cards, or even those with more than four, as well.  What I find most inspiring about it is that she shapes the panels.

Once you have learned that bit of it, how you decorate them is up to you.  To whip up something quickly, you could use a card making kit or, you can really take your time with it and use die cuts, inks, stickers and things to create a bona fide masterpiece!

Happy Crafting :),

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Free Art Deco Paper Gift

Hey there crafty people!

Today I uploaded a fabulous array of printables to Hafapea on CraftsUPrint: card making kits, stationery sets, bookmarks, quick cards and even a bumper kit! Vintage has been popping up in the searches on CUP a lot; so, I went in search of some old images to use and hit pay dirt!  I found an absolutely gorgeous set of 1939 art deco illustrations by Dorothy Lothrop from her version of The Little Mermaid.

During my search I learned some things too; such as, vintage is no longer vintage. hahahahaha  Vintage has become so popular that searching for "vintage" or "Victorian" or even any of the specific art movements, like Art Deco, etc., results in nothing but modern remakes.  It took me a bit of digging to find the right words to use so that I could find what I was looking for!

It took even more digging to find images that haven't already been re-used to death! hahahahaha  I have a thing about creating unique products and using uncommon images.  Not to mention that I don't really like most of the stuff that's been floating around for the past 20 years. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty enough, I'm just tired of seeing it.  And, if I'm tired of seeing it, I'm betting odds you are, too.

Not to worry, though, my training as a research librarian paid off and I found the mother load of rarely used vintage artwork in a database full of gorgeous, high resolution images.  Next Tuesday's creations will be a return to Christmas with some fun shabby chic numbers but, if all goes as planned, I will have more of the retro products in time for next Friday's update.

In the meantime, here are some free art deco papers for you to play with:

As usual, if you use them in a project, I would love to see how it turns out :).  If you have a favorite type of freebie or would like for me to create a custom printable for you, please let me know.  I love to make custom designs and am even willing to make it exclusively yours, if you'd like to pay extra for it.

I'll be honest, though, exclusive designs will cost you a lot more than just a straight custom that I can add to my shop. hahahahhahaha  The cost of an exclusive design starts at $25US, with 3 edits, and goes up from there.  A printable from my shop ranges between $0.70 and $5US, depending on how many sheets there are.  If you really want something special, though, then it is worth it.  I have the testimonials to prove it ;).

Happy Crafting :)!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Free Winter Holiday Rabbit Cracker Box

Hi folks,

I had a really productive week and created a ton of new stuff for today's update: 2 new sets of cracker boxes: 3D Blue Christmas and 3D Winter Holiday Animals, Lovely Letters Stationery Kits and the quick card and cracker sets I mentioned last week.

I also managed to write a new tutorial for those who would like to learn how to make their own graphics for a stationery set, if you'd like to check it out.  If you have any questions while completing the tutorial, please ask and, of course, please share what you make.  I'd love to see your set :).

Today's freebie is one of the crackers from the new set of four 3D Winter Holiday Animals.  Just right click and save the image to your computer:

The new stationery sets are the result of my getting lost in Google's images, again. hahahahaha  Somehow or another I ended up with a browser full of Hindu wedding invitations and fell in love.  The colors and patterns made my imagination's little heart just start beating away; so, I really had no other choice in the matter.

There are 5 different kits, one of each color shown in the A4 paper set above, that include an envelope, four A7 journal card inserts, address labels, mailing labels and envelope seals, as well as a separate set of A7 Ornamental Journaling Card Inserts.  I really love how they turned out and will probably do another series using a different pattern; so, if you love them too, then keep your eyes peeled :).

Come, visit my shop to stock up on your Christmas crating goodies and some fancy letter writing paper so you can take advantage of all the freebies on offer this week!

Hope to see you there :)!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Crafting Freebies Galore - A Really Sweet Deal!

Hi guys,

Just a quick note to let you know that CraftsUPrint just launched a new offer that I think you will LOVE: Spend £15 ($20US) and get 15 Freebies from the Treasure Chest!  In addition to those, you also get a ton of Freebies for spending £10 ($13.39US) and, to make it an even sweeter deal, you can spend that money on Special Offers to get a huge bang for your buck!  Then, after you've finished with all of that, be sure to top it off by signing up for their newsletter and get yourself 5 more freebies.

If you haven't, yet, now would be a great time to stock up on holiday card making kits for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's Eve!  If you can't find what you're looking for on CraftsUPrint, you could also try visiting Downland Crafts.  They have a wonderful selection of special offers right now, as well as a large selection of freebies that you might be interested in :).

It's a good day to shop :)!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

How to Create Your Own Printable Stationery Set Part Three: Extras

OK, now that you have made all of the essentials: gift box, paper and envelope, you have everything you need to create the extra bits that will make your stationery set extra special.  Remember that layered stationery image I told you to save?  Here is where you thank me :).

As I also mentioned in Part Two, there are many extras to choose from: bookmarks, seals, address labels, gift tags, etc. but, the process for creating them is pretty much the same; so, I am just going to cover those that I added to my own kits: additional paper sizes, journal card inserts, bookmarks and gift tags.

Additional paper sizes and journaling cards are both created in essentially the same way and are so simple you may want to slap me for even writing this part (hahahahahah) but, here goes:

Part Three:
Creating the Extras - Additional paper sizes and journaling card inserts
Open the saved copy of your layered stationery and Resize it.
To save the new image as a writing paper, do so now; to save it as a journaling card, remove the lines and then save.  Ta-da, all done :)!

Creating the Extras -  Bookmarks & Gift Tags
File > Open a new 750x2100px Raster image at 300 ppi to make a 2.5"x7" bookmark
Fill the image with the background of your stationery
Add borders and/or copy & paste in elements from your stationery
Save.  Ta-da, all done :)!  After it has been printed, it is up to the crafter to add embellishments like a tassel or ribbon but, as the designer, you're part ends here.

Design Idea: fill the space of the bookmark image with a shape, then decorate the shape to match your stationery.  As an example, here is the bookmark I created for my Watercolor Phoenix Set:

Gift Tags are made in the same way.
Open a new image in the size that you want the gift tag to be (standard sizes can be found in a search).
Either fill the space of the image with a shape or leave it as is, then use the layers from your stationery to decorate the image.
I like to use qua-trefoil labels for making gift tags, like the one below:

Creating the Extras - Seals, Address Labels, etc.
There are many other things that you can make to add to your sets all of which follow the same steps outlined above.  Standard sizes for things like seals and address labels can be found in a simple search, as can interesting shapes that you can use to design them.  Searching for the items themselves will help to provide you with inspiration, as well, should you find yourself lacking.

Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask; otherwise, now that you know the basics, have fun, go wild and create your little heart out :)!  From here, it's all up to you and that wonderful imagination of yours.  And, of course, if you create a set using this tutorial, I would love to see what it looks like; so, if you think of it, please share :).

Happy Creating,