Saturday, October 14, 2017

Free Art Deco Papers

Hi folks,
As you can see, Friday's update is a bit late, this week :).  My graphics program upgrade didn't work out too well; so, I've gone back to "old faithful."  By the time I gave up on trying to get it to function, I had to work my creative fingers off to get everything done.  Yes, I'm more than a little stubborn but, done I did! hahahahahaah

I added another collection three Red & Black Art Deco products to my shop: card making kits, stationery sets, bookmarks and cracker boxes, with an Art Deco Fan Paper Pack made using a palette of period colors.  The deer and gentleman carolers images are recreations that I made myself and the dogs is just an edited picture with a few parts replaced with updated details.  I included a thumbnail of the originals in the preview images so that you can see the changes for your self.  The previews below are linked to their product pages:

I think I'm going to create one more collection like this (unless I find that I've burned out hahahahahaha), with another paper pack or two, and then work on putting together some bumper kits for you.  In the meantime, I created three Art Deco backgrounds for you to play with.  As usual, they are all high quality 300dpi 12x12 jpg images.  Enjoy :).

Whether I create another collection or not, there will definitely be a set of A4 stationery papers and A7 journaling card inserts added to my shop on Tuesday.  How many sheets will be in it: 6 or 9, is all that has yet to be determined. hahahahaha  The bumper kits and cracker boxes with quick card sets will also be available; so, keep your eyes peeled for more of the goodies you love :)!

See you then,

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