Friday, October 20, 2017

Free Art Deco Patterns & Color Palettes

Hi folks,

As you'll see, if this week's update says anything, it's that I needed a break from working with red & black! hahahahaha  I started by whipping up a half dozen Art Deco paper packs using three different patterns in two color palettes: Art Deco period colors and Art Deco Christmas colors.  As part of my initial image search for greeting cards and other usable artwork from The Golden Era, I included period colors in order to add a touch of authenticity to my products and found these Art Deco color palettes, below:

I may whip up a few more sets using the lighter colors later on.  In the meantime, you're welcome to save them for yourself to use in your own creations :).  I found some great patterns, too, and tiled them up.  They're transparent png's and you can use them, too, if you'd like:

I love the papers that I created with them:

So, there you go, a peek into my creative process and a few of the tools I used, to boot :)! 

Those papers are not all I created over the past few days, though.  While immersing myself in a rainbow of color, I also whipped up a few more qua-trefoil shaped vintage Christmas cards: A sweet set of angels from the Victorian era, two of which include a fun new sentiment, "Happy Christmas Birthday!"  The colors just made me think that they'd make great birthday cards for little girls and angel lovers who were born on Christmas day.

Next week I will be adding more cards using this same style along with scallop edged rockers, aka wobble cards.  I have already created the wobbles for these images (look closely at the centerpieces ;)), I just didn't have time to turn them into kits, yet; so, you're going to have to wait a bit for them.  The stationery sets, cracker boxes and other goodies will be ready by Tuesday, too; so, keep your eyes peeled for another huge update. hahahahahahah

Until then, happy crafting :)!

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