Friday, October 27, 2017

Free Magical Winter Papers & Template

Hi folks,

It's time for Friday's update and on time this week, too :)!  I seem to have become enamored of cards in shapes other than rectangle or square because, in addition to the qua-trefoil shaped beauties that I've been whipping up, I decided to add a scallop edge rocker.  So, for a little while, at least, all of my new cards will be available in both versions.

One of the things I love most about these wobble cards is that I didn't have to create a template for them! hahahahahaha  Seriously, there are already a ton of free ones available online; so, I just used one of those. It's the one, below, and you can get it for yourself by either downloading it from here or by visiting BeaOriginal:

Here are the pictures of the rocker cards that I made using it:

Today's freebie is a set of three backgrounds that I also used to create the cards.  I would have included one from the first card, but the hidden parts aren't really usable; so, here you go :):

Next Tuesday I will be adding the stationery kits and other miscellaneous bits, as well as a new card or few.  If the new cards aren't also Victorian angels, then expect to see bumper kits, too :)!

Happy Card Making,

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