Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Free Printable Bookmarks Set of 3

Hi folks,

I'm a bit pressed for time today; so, this will just be a quick post to give you your free gift and let you know about today's update.  You may or may not recall the colorful qua-trefoil shaped card kits that I created last week using Victorian angel greeting cards.  Well, this weekend I spent a bit more time playing with those wonderful colors and created another set of cards with matching cracker boxes and stationery sets.

https://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/mini-kits/mini-kits-christmas/vintage-holiday-angel-decoupage-wobble-card-making-kit.cfm https://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/mini-kits/mini-kits-christmas/vintage-christmas-angel-decoupage-wobble-card-making-kit.cfm

There are, of course, quick cards from both of the kits, as well; so, stop on by to have a look!

Victorian angels are what have my creative juices flowing, right now; so, there will be three more angel themed beauties next week to help flesh out the collection.  I'm not sure, yet, if I will do a full 9 like I did with the red & black art deco printables but, I'll be sure to let you know :).

Today's freebie is a set of three Christmas bookmarks.  Just a fun, random assortment that you can print out as gifts for your favorite readers :).  The bookmarks are 2.5x7" but, if you have a graphics program, you can make the smaller, if you'd like:

Happy Crafting Amigos :)!

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