Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fuchsias, Fuchsias, Fuchsias!

Hi folks,
In creating cards I use a lot of other people's artwork.  Mainly for one of three reasons:
1. It's in the public domain, so I can.
2. They're much better at digitally creating that sort of thing than I am and sell their wonderful creations as "designer resources" just for folks like me :).
3. I'm lazy. hahahahahahaha  Seriously, though.  I have digitally painted my own flowers, bows, angels and what-nots and it takes hours - for each what-not.  Add that on to the 4-8 hours that I spend designing a single card front and we're talking days to create a final image.  In the world of designing for dollars, that just doesn't make cents.  (See what I did there :)?)

That being said, one of my all-time favorite modern image creators is Jaguarwoman, and her digitally painted fuchsias are just one of her gorgeous creations.  If you visit CraftsUPrint and search for "Fuchsias," then sort by "Total Sales," you will see that many people agree.  Jaguarwoman's work is used by a lot of designers there - which is why I don't use it very often :).  Have I mentioned that I have a thing for being unique?

In fact, uniqueness is what inspired today's post.  My CUP newsletter featured a decoupage card topper made using those fabulous flowers in a truly beautiful way: with yellow.  And, I just fell in LOVE with the color play between the fuchsias and butterflies
Another fast favorite is one that I found when I went to retrieve the link for Hillary Hallas' card: The Fuchsia on Lace & Blue Brocade - Card Front with Pyramage by Valerie Dawes that features a vintage image from Dover Publications - a popular source for vintage and public domain artwork.  It's not a free source, though, and you do need to read the descriptions carefully to make sure that the artwork you are buying is copyright free.  Some of the collections are just compendiums that were compiled to celebrate a particular artist, such as that for Erte.

Finding free fuchsias clipart can be a bit of a challenge.  In a quick search, I was only able to find one of any quality with the majority of hits being for fuchsia colored flowers that were definitely not fuchsias. hahahahahahha

If you prefer the designs that stay true to Jaguarwoman's own color themes, then Anne Lever is your go-to gal, and Marijke Kok would be the designer to see for the use of Moonbeam's romantic renditions of Jaguarwoman's work.  She, too, tends to remain true to the artist's interpretation.

Now, on with the sale :)!  I've discounted another batch of Christmas card making kits by 30%.  This week's selection is all about the silhouette: Santas, snowmen and Christmas trees filled with colorful winter scenes that you can use to create either shaped or flat cards.

Enjoy :)!

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