Sunday, October 1, 2017

How to Create Your Own Printable Stationery Set Part Three: Extras

OK, now that you have made all of the essentials: gift box, paper and envelope, you have everything you need to create the extra bits that will make your stationery set extra special.  Remember that layered stationery image I told you to save?  Here is where you thank me :).

As I also mentioned in Part Two, there are many extras to choose from: bookmarks, seals, address labels, gift tags, etc. but, the process for creating them is pretty much the same; so, I am just going to cover those that I added to my own kits: additional paper sizes, journal card inserts, bookmarks and gift tags.

Additional paper sizes and journaling cards are both created in essentially the same way and are so simple you may want to slap me for even writing this part (hahahahahah) but, here goes:

Part Three:
Creating the Extras - Additional paper sizes and journaling card inserts
Open the saved copy of your layered stationery and Resize it.
To save the new image as a writing paper, do so now; to save it as a journaling card, remove the lines and then save.  Ta-da, all done :)!

Creating the Extras -  Bookmarks & Gift Tags
File > Open a new 750x2100px Raster image at 300 ppi to make a 2.5"x7" bookmark
Fill the image with the background of your stationery
Add borders and/or copy & paste in elements from your stationery
Save.  Ta-da, all done :)!  After it has been printed, it is up to the crafter to add embellishments like a tassel or ribbon but, as the designer, you're part ends here.

Design Idea: fill the space of the bookmark image with a shape, then decorate the shape to match your stationery.  As an example, here is the bookmark I created for my Watercolor Phoenix Set:

Gift Tags are made in the same way.
Open a new image in the size that you want the gift tag to be (standard sizes can be found in a search).
Either fill the space of the image with a shape or leave it as is, then use the layers from your stationery to decorate the image.
I like to use qua-trefoil labels for making gift tags, like the one below:

Creating the Extras - Seals, Address Labels, etc.
There are many other things that you can make to add to your sets all of which follow the same steps outlined above.  Standard sizes for things like seals and address labels can be found in a simple search, as can interesting shapes that you can use to design them.  Searching for the items themselves will help to provide you with inspiration, as well, should you find yourself lacking.

Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask; otherwise, now that you know the basics, have fun, go wild and create your little heart out :)!  From here, it's all up to you and that wonderful imagination of yours.  And, of course, if you create a set using this tutorial, I would love to see what it looks like; so, if you think of it, please share :).

Happy Creating,

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