Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Free 5x7 Cut and Fold Solstice Card

Hi folks,

Are you ready for Thursday?  Family and fun and food, oh my!  Around here we keep things relatively simple; so, being ready is easy peesy.  This year won't be quite as easy as we'd hoped, though, because we ended up having to cook instead of going out for Chinese food like we'd planned. hahahahahahah  The folks in my home are still going to go out for Chinese, just not until after the rest of the family has left; so, we're going to have to cook up some sides in order to feed them, first.  They're bringing the main course this year - yay :)!

Which, of course, gave me plenty of time to wrap up the last of my winter holiday greeting cards for 2017 (another yay :)!).  For today's update I created one more solstice card using a vintage winter scene and then created a third card style for each of the four cards in the collection: a shaped poinsettia framed oval card.  I really love the way this collection turned out.  Hopefully you will too :).

https://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/kits/christmas-scenes/vintage-blue-solstice-poinsettia-shaped-oval-decoupage-yule-card-making-kit.cfm https://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/kits/christmas-scenes/vintage-yule-ritual-poinsettia-shaped-oval-decoupage-yule-card-making-kit.cfm
https://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/kits/christmas-scenes/vintage-winter-solstice-poinsettia-shaped-oval-decoupage-yule-card-making-kit.cfm https://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/kits/christmas-scenes/vintage-solstice-sunset-poinsettia-shaped-oval-decoupage-yule-card-making-kit.cfm

I also added a ton of quick cards, for each of the card styles, for those of you who are looking for something fast and easy or are needing last minute greetings.  As usual, you will find all of the new cards here.

My special offers for this week include another batch of winter holiday cards at 30% off, if you'd like to snag a few of those while you're there, too.  And, your freebie for this week is below.  Just right click and save it to your computer :).


Happy Eating Day, everybody :)!

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