Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Free Printable Vintage Russian Christmas Card

Hi folks,

Back again with another update.  This time I decided to take a trip to old Russia.  Despite what I think of their government - past or present, I love vintage Russian artwork!  The colors and patterns used to create Matryoshka dolls, greeting cards, intricately decorated eggs and Zhostovo paintings just dazzle me.

(Speaking of eggs, have you seen those by Pysansky?  They are gorgeous!  Not vintage, not even technically Russian - he's from the Ukraine, but still gorgeous :)!)

This is true of the artwork and clothing that I find in many cultures: Indian, Asian, African, etc., as well.  I am apparently drawn to things that are often dubbed "exotic" by those who are not so inclined.  I'm thinking that it may have something to do with my gypsy nature, but who cares?  I like what I like :).  And, hopefully, some of you like it too. hahahahhaha

As usual, there are 3 new cards in this collection and a random bumper kit of paisley papers that I found while cleaning up my folders. hahahahahaha  Enjoy :)! sleighcard-making-kit.cfm

Today's freebie is a cut and fold quick card from the Vintage Russian Christmas Santa Sleigh 7x5 Card Making Kit.  Just right click on the image, below, and save it to your hard drive, print, cut and fold.

I have actually created five variations of one of the cards but, since I am still working on the others, I will wait to add them on Friday.  Spoiler alert: one of the variations is an adorable teapot card and  tea cup gift box set.  I'm not sure why but, when I think Russian, I think tea.  If any of you know, please share. hahahahahaha

See you Friday :)!

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