Friday, January 5, 2018

Free CU4CU Sassy Cheryl Valentine Clipart

Hi folks,

This week's update is one kit smaller than usual because the cold weather just did me in. hahahahahaha  I'm a light-weight Floridian; so, freezing temps make me want to hibernate.  And, by freezing I mean 60's. hahahahahaha  Although, the temperature did drop to actual freezing for a day or two.

I've had nothing like you folks north of me are getting, though.  I've heard a lot about the awesome weather, but nothing of damage or suffering as a result; so, here's hoping you're all keeping safe & warm.  And, of course, have a blast playing in all that snow once the danger has passed!  I am so envious of you for that :).

Here are this week's goodies:

As usual, there is more than meets the eye; so, pop on over to see the rest.

While on your way to check out the new stuff, stop by Facebook to share CraftsUPrint's post celebrating their 10 year anniversary so that you can snag yourself some free CU clipart!  After sharing it, just click on the link in the description to download the freebie.

7 more rose themed stationery sets and 8 more qua-trefoil shaped Valentines to go before I start on new designs :).  I even found a bit of inspiration to create Valentines for men with; so, look for those with the paper packs that I mentioned last week.

Stay warm ... brrrr,

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Valentines & Stationery - All 20% Off!

Hi folks,

I added three qua-trefoil shaped Valentines featuring the vintage Victorian images that I used to create the A5's at the end of last year and, as promised, a couple more stationery sets.  Over the course of the next week I will be adding 6 more qua-trefoil Valentine cards and will, hopefully, finish up the last 9 rose stationery sets.

Either way, it will all be finished by the 14th so I can start on spring and St. Patrick's Day designs :).  In between holidays I am going to spend a week whipping up a ton of background papers that I think you will love.  I did a bit research (a.k.a. surfing :) ) and found some really great stuff!

Have fun :)!

Monday, January 1, 2018

20% Off Entire Shop!

Hi folks,

Happy New Year!  Just a fly by posting to let you know that my entire shop is on sale from now through January 5th.  Have fun stocking up on Valentines and other fun card making kits for your 2018 celebrations!

Happy Crafting :),