Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Free Vintage Valentine Pocket Card Making Kit

Hi folks,

I'm baaack! Did you miss me ;)?

Hard drive crashed and, unbeknownst to me, my automatic backup had stopped running in August.  Four months of templates, plans and potential bumper kits gone, just like *that* - not to mention all of the terrific graphics I'd hunted down to use in all of that.  Oh well, nothing like a new beginning, eh :)?

I tried to create a new card last week but, since I was using my son's computer to tie my over, that didn't go so well.  I needed more power :).  Although, I did discover that his computer is better for gaming than mine; so, now I have to find out why. hahahahaha

After dealing with all of that, I decided to just create something simple to get my imagination working again.  The result is a wonderfully romantic Hindu inspired gate fold card full of elegant lacy patterns with satiny trim.  To keep things as simple as possible, I worked with Pantone's Spring/Summer 2018 color palette and, quite frankly, if I hadn't accidentally overwritten the template with a merged image, I'd have probably created another dozen!  As it is, there are only 13 :).

You can find the complete collection in the usual place and, to tempt you into peeking, here are some of my favorites:

https://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/kits/Gate Fold/romantic-red-white-all-occasion-gate-fold-heart-leaf-card-making-kit.cfm https://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/kits/Gate Fold/romantic-purple-red-all-occasion-gate-fold-heart-leaf-card-making-kit.cfm
https://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/kits/Gate Fold/romantic-blue-brown-all-occasion-gate-fold-heart-leaf-card-making-kit.cfm
https://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/kits/Gate Fold/romantic-green-yellow-all-occasion-gate-fold-heart-leaf-card-making-kit.cfm https://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/kits/Gate Fold/romantic-pink-white-blue-all-occasion-gate-fold-heart-leaf-card-making-kit.cfm
https://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/kits/Gate Fold/romantic-purple-green-blue-all-occasion-gate-fold-heart-leaf-card-making-kit.cfm

And, as promised, this week's freebie is a Vintage Valentine Pocket Card Making Kit :).  It is the kit that resulted from the aforementioned failed attempt at graphics creation that led to me needing a break. hahahahaha


Happy Card Making :),

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