Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Valentines & Stationery - All 20% Off!


Hi folks,

I added three qua-trefoil shaped Valentines featuring the vintage Victorian images that I used to create the A5's at the end of last year and, as promised, a couple more stationery sets.  Over the course of the next week I will be adding 6 more qua-trefoil Valentine cards and will, hopefully, finish up the last 9 rose stationery sets.

Either way, it will all be finished by the 14th so I can start on spring and St. Patrick's Day designs :).  In between holidays I am going to spend a week whipping up a ton of background papers that I think you will love.  I did a bit research (a.k.a. surfing :) ) and found some really great stuff!

https://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/kits/floral/vintage-victorian-roses-bluebells-qua-trefoil-shaped-card-making-kit.cfm https://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/kits/floral/vintage-cupid-hearts-qua-trefoil-shaped-card-making-kit.cfm
https://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/kits/stationery-sets/yellow-rose-a5-stationery-set.cfm https://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/kits/stationery-sets/yellow-rose-a6-stationery-kit.cfm
https://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/kits/stationery-sets/glorious-pink-roses-a5-stationery-set.cfm https://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/kits/stationery-sets/glorious-pink-roses-a6-stationery-kit.cfm

Have fun :)!

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