Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Free Layered Plaid Templates

Hi folks,

Friday's update is more than a bit late, I know, but I need a break in order to regroup.  Ever since I got my computer back up and running I've felt like I was in a constant race to catch up; so, instead, I took a step back to get back on track :).  That being said, the plaids are here!

The plaids are all monotone patterns but, while creating them I discovered some wonderful color combinations that I thought you might enjoy discovering for yourself. I shy away from combining colors in the patterns that I create because it limits their usefulness; however, if you have a graphics program that will allow you to use a PSD, then you can create your own custom plaids to suit any design.

There are 12 patterns in the set and I've included Pantone's 2018 NY & UK palettes, along with the classic colors:

This coming Friday I will add the florals, tropicals & rainbows and, if I can swing it, a few St. Patrick's designs.  If I can't swing it, then St. Pat's will have to wait until next week Tuesday.

Happy Crafting :),

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