Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Pantone Ginghams :)!

Hi folks,

Here you go: 47 paper packs using Pantone's NY & UK 2018 Spring/Summer trend and classic color palettes, including the color of the year, Ultraviolet, of course.  Next up will be the plaids and then I will start on the tropical prints next week.  As this rate, I will be creating rainbows just in time for me to start on St. Patrick's Day cards.  Couldn't have timed it more perfectly if I'd tried. hahahahahaah

In creating patterns that follow this year's trends, I'm trying to mix it up a bit and give you things that you've never seen before; so, there may be one or two "eh, maybe not" sheets in there.  Coming up with 12 different way to do gingham that didn't involve overusing the same 4 patterns was a challenge :). A fun challenge, though, and overall, I am happy with the results.  Hopefully you will be, too :).

Well, on with the show!  This is, obviously, just a small sample of today's update.  You can find the entire collection on my Recently Added Items list.

I'm too busy creating to think of anything more to say; so, I'm just gonna leave those there :).

Happy Crafting :)

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