Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Crazy Color Ladies :)

Hey folks,

Long time no post; I know but, well, just keeping it real. hahahahahahah  The reason for this one is that I just watched a video about a woman who loves the color yellow and it inspired me to begin curating a collection; a collection of colorful ladies (and men, if any crop up).

The first is Kitten Kay Sera, The Pink Lady of Hollywood.  My best friend's favorite color is pink; so, when I saw this video I just had to share it with her :).


Next is Ella London, "Your Dose of Sunshine" from L.A.  She's just as bright and happy as the color :)!

And last, but not least, for now, is Elizabeth Sweethart: The Jolly Green Lady of Brooklyn.  She maybe my favorite but, they all just seem so happy to be immersed in color that it's really hard to say.

I love these ladies so much that I fancy the idea of becoming like them, some day :).  If I did, I would be The Rainbow Lady, though.  Right now, my favorite color is orange, unless I'm in the mood for another but, I prefer rainbows to any one color all of the time.

As I discover more ladies of color, I will add them to this post in the hopes that, one day, I will (of course) have an entire rainbow :).

What is your happy color and why?  Can you see yourself ever immersing yourself in color like these ladies have?

Thanks for looking :)!

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